The 7 Most Common Issues That Tenants Complain About (And How to Resolve Them!)

As any experienced landlord will know, the management of their relationship with their tenants is often the hardest part of the job. According to a recent survey of landlords, one of the most common issues they face in the job is dealing with problematic tenants, with a full 37% of landlords describing difficult tenants as their biggest worry.

However, as a property manager, there are steps that you can take to mitigate this. Simply listening to your tenants and being able to quickly respond to the most common rental issues will help ensure a smooth relationship from the outset. With that in mind, here are the seven most common issues that tenants complain about, and what you can do to resolve them.

1. Maintenance Issues

Problems with appliances and utilities are by far the most common source of complaints from tenants. As a landlord, you should take these complaints seriously and immediately take action to resolve any maintenance issues in a house or apartment.

Always have an updated contact sheet of trusted repair people that you can call when your tenant reports a maintenance issue. 

2. Poor Communication

Another very common complaint from people who rent their homes is poor communication from their landlord. No matter how many tenants you have, it is your job to respond quickly and effectively to queries from tenants.

You should also be proactive and keep your tenants updated on things like inspections, maintenance work, and noise disturbances. 

3. Noisy Neighbors 

Noisy neighbors are another common issue that anyone who rents out the property should be prepared to deal with. Most noise complaints tend to be because of one single bad tenant who is ruining it for everyone else.

You should be prepared to do everything in your power to identify the noisy tenant and deal with the problem effectively. 

4. Boundaries

While poor landlord communication is one issue, a lack of boundaries is another. If you’re the type of landlord that thinks it is OK to turn up to a tenant’s home unannounced or try to keep tabs on their habits or schedule, then you need a reality check.

Your tenants are individuals with a right to private life. Respect their boundaries and accept that this is their home for as long as they are paying the rent. 

5. Security Deposit Issues 

The security deposit exists for a very important reason. However, far too many landlords will try to bend the rules and treat tenants unfairly to keep the deposit for themselves. Don’t be that person.

Unfairly withholding a security deposit can cause significant legal troubles for you and the properties that you manage, so don’t do it. 

6. Damage to Common Tenants Areas 

Damage to the stairwell, common room, roof terrace, pool, and grounds of the building are a common cause for complaint. Not only is it your job to be reactive and repair the damage quickly, but it is also important to be proactive and make sure that people are deterred from causing damage.

If you know of a particular tenant who is damaging common areas, then take action to ensure they won’t do it again. 

7. Parking 

Finally, there is the age-old issue of parking. These are problems that can often be resolved with good communication and signposting. One tenant might not realize that they are taking up someone else’s parking space.

Another might think that they can park both of their vehicles outside the building, even though they only have one designated space. Making the rules clear at the outset will prevent a lot of trouble further down the line. 

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